Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Guest post - imPRESS nails!

Hello everyone!

Today I've done a blog post swap with Niki from Nikiniknak! So without further ado here's Niki's post! :)

Hi :D

I have no nails. I bite them everyday and have done so for as long as I can remember. It may seem a bit strange then that I am here, guest posting on a blog dedicated to nails. This is because I'm determined to make a change. I will stop biting my nails, I will buy pretty pastel nail polishes and I will perfect nail art.

Until that time comes, I decided false nails are the way forward. Being a complete nail virgin, this is quite a daunting prospect for me. How will I change my sons nappy? Eat? Type? Put my hair up? There's only one way to find out... 

Whilst in Superdrug I spotted that Broadway's imPRESS nails were on offer. Selected short length nails were two for £8! Their usual price is £5.99 so the only logical thing for a shopaholic was to get two.
After much deliberation, I settled on these two, tweetheart (left) and ex on the beach (right). I decided to use ex on the beach first as it's a more subtle colour. 

I firstly measured the nails and lined them up in order ready for me to put on. After washing my hands and using the pad to cleanse them (included inside), I stuck them all on.

So there you go! I finally have nails!! It's been an hour since I applied them and, to be completely honest, I've not got used to the feeling quite yet (although I am typing faster than when they were first on). What's great is that there are some spares I can keep in my handbag if anything goes wrong!! 

Thank you Kizzy for letting me feature on your blog. It's inspired me to be more feminine and more adventurous and it's one of the blogs I'll always come back to looking for inspiration.

Thanks for reading 


Thank you Niki for guest posting on my blog! Make sure to check out Niki's lovely blog and while you're there take a look at my post on Niki's blog  - I did some gradient dots! :) I hope you all liked this post and I'll be back soon with some more nail-related stuff!

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