Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Top 6 Favourite Designs + other highlights of 2015

Hello everyone!

The same as every year, January is when everyone does their round-up posts and here's mine! I list my top 6 favourite designs of 2015 as well as some other highlights of this past year :)

At number 6 is the reciprocal gradient I did for the #wnac2015 challenge on Instagram. This was my first time doing this kind of gradient and I loved how it turned out!

Next at number 5 is the double water marble I did. Who knew water marbling twice could create such an awesome effect?!

At number 4 is the dry marble design I did a few months ago. I love how easy this was to create. Although a fast drying top coat is a must if you want it to dry before next year!

At number 3 is this swirling pattern which looks like henna designs to me. Again, this was a really easy design to do but the stamping makes it looks so much more complicated haha!

At number 2 is the cracked autumn design I did which uses one of my favourite stamping designs!

And finally my number 1 favourite design of 2015 is the rainbows and unicorns design I did back in January. I think it's the candy colours that I love the most! I just want to eat them!


2015 was also the year I started making YouTube videos. After creating a YouTube account way back in 2013 it's definitely taken me a while to start actually uploading content (I'm the ultimate procrastinator!) Making tutorials has been so much fun and much harder work than I thought. What looks like a simple 2 minute video actually takes hours to film, edit, find music and upload. The whole process is really satisfying though and I definitely want to carry on making tutorials more regularly in 2016 :)

A major highlight has been the success of my galaxy nails tutorial which hit 1 million views in December!! Woohoo!

As it stands this is how many followers I have after 2 years of blogging :)

Bloglovin : 82
GFC : 35
Email : 5
Instagram : 1,207
Twitter : 281
Google + : 18
Pinterest :104
YouTube : 14,421

Total : 16,153

I got so many new followers this past year which I am so grateful for! Particularly from YouTube :) I know blogging isn't all about how many followers you have but, it does give you a boost when people like what you're doing enough to follow so thank you!

Posting regularly on the blog has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I also went back to Uni in September to start my Masters and balancing that with work and blogging has been hard. Coming up with nail art designs is always really relaxing for me and is a chance for me to de-stress so in 2016 I really want to make an effort to post more often! I often find it easier to post a design on Instagram if I don't have time to write a blog post, so if you fancy go follow me there to see some extra designs and other bits and bobs!

So that's a wrap! I want to thank you all for your support and I hope you have a fabulous new year! Hello 2016!

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