Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Negative Space Pastel Nails

Hello everyone!

For today's nail art I was totally inspired by Yasmeen (aka sloteazzy) on Instagram who did a gorgeous design using just a plastic sandwich bag. I've recreated the effect using different colours and decided to add a negative space heart too!

I used cling film instead of a sandwich bag and the most fiddly part of this design was cutting off pieces of cling film lol! This design looks like fluffy candy clouds to me and reminds me so much of the Care Bears! :)

I painted my nails with Barry M Lychee and used it along with Barry M Dragon Fruit and Greenberry to drop blobs of polish on my nail. Then I lightly pressed the cling film on my nail to blend the colours slightly. I used a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and added a silver stud on all my nails except the middle one. To create the heart I used a cotton bud and nail polish remover and then outlined it using a white Barry M nail art pen. Seriously why have I never used a nail art pen before?! These things are magic! I then topped it all off with Seche Vite top coat.

Will you be giving this technique a go? Let me know what you think and I'll be back soon with some more nail art!

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