Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Iridescent Flakes! #NailartMar Challenge

Hello everyone!

My dissertation has been handed in and I'm now off for the Easter break. It's been stressful but now I can focus more on this blog yay! I hope any of you with deadlines approaching aren't too stressed! The next theme of the #NailarMar Challenge is Flakes. I decided to do something simple and here's how they turned out!

This design was so difficult to photograph! It looks better in real life I promise! I painted 2 coats of Rimmel Blue Vogue and then 2 coats of Barry M Crystal Glaze. I used Seche Vite for the topcoat :)

This isn't one of my favourites designs. I don't know if it's the colour combination I don't like, but something was missing for me. However, Barry M Crystal Glaze is such a pretty polish. The flakes look pink in the bottle but when they're on the nail they're rainbow coloured and they change colours in different lights and whenever I move my hand!

I'm so behind on this challenge but I should have posts up for some of the themes this week. :) If you want to see what I've done previously for this challenge check the links below:

Day 1 - Dotticure
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Day 8+11 - Candies & Neons

Let me know what you think and I'll be back soon with some more nail-related stuff!

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