Friday, 27 December 2013

Swatches: Ruby Hammer polishes

Hello everyone! I got given a set of Ruby Hammer polishes recently and I have swatches ready to show you!

The polishes don't seem to have a name so I'm going call them (from left to right): Glitter, Navy, Red, Purple, Coral, Pink, Browny/purple (my creativity amazes me sometimes lol!).

(From left to right) 2 coats Pink, 1 coat Pink, 2 coats Browny/Purple, 1 coat Browny/Purple. The Browny/Purple is strange because it looks like a completely different colours depending on if you put 1 or 2 coats. I prefer 2 coats just because the colour is more solid (and purple :) ).

(left to right) 2 coats Purple, 1 coat Purple, 2 coats Coral, 1 coat Coral. The Coral was really opaque even with just one coat!

(left to right) 2 coats Navy, 1 coat Navy, 2 coats Red, 1 coat Red. The polish consistency for the Navy was a bit watery and thin so 2 coats are definitely needed whereas the red looks good even with one coat.

The Glitter is my favourite! I don't know why it looks golden in the picture - I promise you it's silver in real life. I applied 2 coats on my index finger and 1 coat over the Red, Purple and Navy.

I've never used Ruby Hammer polishes before but I really like them - the brush in particular- I was able to apply the polish so neatly and hardly got any on my fingers! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for other Ruby Hammer polishes.

Let me know which of the colours is your favourite and I'll be back soon with some more nail-related stuff!

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