Tuesday, 12 July 2016

How To: DIY Water Marble Stickers! No Water Needed!

Hello everyone!

I love the look of water marble nails but I hate how long they take to create! So when I saw people creating water marble stickers, I had to give it a go to see if that was any easier.

The bulb of my daylight lamp had blown and the spare I had was broken so these photos were taken in natural daylight (which was hard to find as it was a horrible rainy day!). Also, as I was in a rush, I didn't have time to set up my camera so there is no video tutorial for this design :( I'll try and explain what I did as best I can below!

Polishes Used:

  • A England Sparks Divine (nude holo)
  • Barry M Seaside (light blue)
  • Cirque Colors Bejeweled (dark blue holo)

The Process:

  • I painted a square of the nude polish on my Uber Mat and then quickly painted 3 curved lines of polish (alternating dark blue and light blue) on top of the nude.
  • Then I dragged a dotting tool through the polish like you would in water marbling to get this design. This is exactly like drag marbling so you have to make sure all the polish stays wet while dragging. I made 10 decals in total (1 for each nail).
  • I applied a fast dry top coat and waited 20-30 mins for the decals to dry. 
  • Once they were dry I painted a coat of the nude polish on my nail, peeled the decal off the mat and stuck it on my nail.
  • The excess decal can be cut using some small scissors and the bits left around the cuticle can be cleaned up using a small brush and nail polish remover. I also used the brush and polish remover to seal down the edges of the decal to my nail.
  • I applied one final layer of top coat to seal everything in and that's it!

Overall, I much prefer this method to actual water marbling as it's quicker (in the 20 mins I was waiting for it to dry, I could go and do other things because it wasn't on my nails!) and you end up using less nail polish than proper water marbling. Also if you make a mistake while dragging polish - just create another decal! This is much faster than removing a failed water marble attempt from your nails.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful? Let me know if you want to see a tutorial :)

Have you made nail art decals before?

Let me know what you think and I'll be back soon with some more nail art!

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