Friday, 22 April 2016

Rainbow Foil Nail Art!

Hello everyone!

I was rummaging through my nail art supplies when I found some nail foils! I remember buying them over a year ago, but I hadn't got round to using them so that's what I decided to do today!

I bought the nail foil from Born Pretty Store (it's #27 in the list). I thought about the best way to make neat rectangles of foil and decided to make a foil decal using my Uber mat by UberChic Beauty. It was surprisingly easy to do.

  • I painted a square of black polish on the mat first to make the foil stand out. 
  • Then I painted foil glue over the black and when it turned clear I pressed the foil down to transfer it to the mat. 
  • Now all that was left was to peel off the foil decal and cut it into strips. 
  • I used A England Sparks Divine as a base on my nails and used top coat to stick the decal to the nail. 

I've read a few things saying top coat ruins the foil effect and not to apply any or to use a gel top coat. But my brain thought it was being "clever" and to try and get around this, I added a matte top coat first and then a fast dry top coat. This didn't work (obviously) and they no longer look like foils but I think the rainbow pattern still looks really awesome!

Let me know what you think and I'll be back soon with some more nail art!

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