Saturday, 17 May 2014

Swatches: Nails Inc Picnic Perfect Collection Part 1

Hello everyone!

I don't post swatches very often - in fact I've only done it twice since starting this blog but I ordered these Nails Inc polishes last month and they are just so gorgeous I had to show you! :) They are part of the limited edition Picnic Perfect Collection - I'll swatch half of the polishes in this post and do the other half sometime next week. The collection came with 8 full size Nails Inc polishes and it only cost £20! The colours are so perfect for Spring and Summer!

The first one I have to show you is Bruton Lane. This is a lovely creme peach polish and I only needed 2 coats for full coverage. I've used Seche Vite for the top coat. This was one of my favourites in this collection - peach is one of those colours that really suits all skin tones!

The next one I want to show you is Marylebone Road which is a pale, pastel green. This is another one of my favourites and the first green polish I've ever owned! I'll definitely be wearing this a lot! I've shown it with 2 coats and top coat.

Next I've got Brown Hart Gardens which is a pale pink creme. This is such a pretty polish! I've got 2 coats here and top coat.

And lastly, Fulham Palace Gardens has red, blue, green, silver and gold hex glitter in a pale pink base. I used 2 coats on my middle and ring finger and on my index and little finger I have 2 coats over Brown Hart Gardens. All of the nails have top coat. The glitter had a tendency to clump together on the nail so I had to dab on the glitter after the first coat.

A close-up of Fulham Palace Gardens.

I found the formula for the polishes was on the watery side and the polish had a tendency to flood my cuticles but on the plus side they dried VERY fast.

This collection was limited edition but you can still get some of the polishes - I know Bruton Lane comes as part of the Spring Summer Collection.

Let me know what you think and if you want me to do more swatches in the future and I'll be back soon with some more nail-related stuff!